Zachary "Zack" Gate is a male customer who made his first appearance in Papa's Cheeseria 2.

Flipdeck info

  • Place he lives in: Waterland
  • Loves: Green
  • Hates: Working

Zachary "Zack" Gate loves to be inside. He always likes to go to Omai with his best friend Brittany. He loves to swim in Waterland. He lives there with his wife Marie and his kids, who are male and female. Their names are Gary (older, boy) and Lami (younger, girl). His age is 34 years old. His occupation is none. He also likes to eat Awesome Sauce.


Papa's Magicalria

  • Boy Pellet
  • Vase Bottle
  • Red Wine Solvent
  • Coin Powder
  • Male Curls Style
  • ​Orange Leaf Color
  • Gold Ring Sprinkle

Holiday (Christmas):

  • Boy Pellet
  • Christmas Tree Bottle
  • Red Wine Solvent
  • Coin Powder
  • Male Curls Style
  • ​Traffic Light Color
  • Red Gloves Sprinkle

Papa's Cheeseria 2: (New Year)

Midnight Bread (??? in other holidays)

Rainbow Cheese (??? in other holidays)

Midnight Ham (??? in other holidays)

Rainbow Sauce (Awesome Sauce in other holidays)

Maple Mini Sausages

Mac N Cheese

Rainbow Sauce (Awesome Sauce in other holidays)


French Fries


Items unlocked with him:


  • He has the first flipdeck of fan created customers.
(Customers made by Meandcrazy)
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