Yoshi's Awesome Race is a race created by Yoshi0001. In it, there are 14 teams of 2 customers. Each team is racing around Flipverse locations Baketown, Vegville, Nachoville, and Go! Airlines. The teams then must find clues in teal envelopes. There are 13 envelopes set in 13 locations. However, in 10 locations, the last team to find the envelope will be eliminated. The winner will receive a prize of eight thousand gold coins.

Teams Edit

Envelope Edit

  • Intro
  • Envelope 1
  • Envelope 2
  • Envelope 3
  • Envelope 4
  • Envelope 5
  • Envelope 6
  • Envelope 7
  • Envelope 8
  • Envelope 9
  • Envelope 10
  • Envelope 11
  • Envelope 12
  • Envelope 13

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