Ok. Final Weekly Update for a month. Let's do this! This one has a lot of information to cover, since it is the last one for a while. 


I am leaving on Thursday for vacation, and not coming back to Chicago until July 10. :( BUT, I'll still be somewhat active on some days! :) Other days, I might be able to visit the wiki, but not have time to respond to any messages. So, if you have any questions, please ask another active administrator. When I get back, I will be spending a lot of time going through the Recent Wiki Activity, New Pages, etc to catch up on stuff. Also, I'll be asking admins on any stuff that happened. Try to hit 2000 pages on June 23!! We are making good progress. You guys are awesome and the best! You know how to deal with everything. Even normal users do a fantastic job of dealing with situations. Keep it up when I'm gone!

Bot News

The Waffle Bot is a new bot operated by me (JK). This bot uses the CategoryRenameAuto-Update tool and the MassCategorization tool to remove, edit, and add categories to many pages in seconds! So, there is no need to bother Laundry Machine and Alika, you can bother me now. :)


The MediaWiki page Noarticletext has been edited. To see the product in action, just go here.

Wiki Header

The new header is coming on June 12. Due to that, all the navigation bar CSS code has been removed to comply with the Fandom rules on this topic. Get ready for the new header!

This is a new section that will have important news on our affiliates (friends).

Mariokart Wii Wiki

The Waffle Bot is doing a lot of work on the Mariokart Wii Wiki, which most of you are familiar with. ALL the categories are being removed from ALL of the pages. There are way too many unnecessary categories for me to work with, so The Waffle Bot is removing all of the categories, and adding needed categories back. This project will take a few months to finish, especially since I am going on vacation for a month. Those of you who own bots, please feel free to assist me in removing ALL of the categories using Mass Categorization.

New Poll

Please vote in the new poll on the home page!


Wish CoolProDude10986 a happy birthday on June 7!

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