Hi everyone! Yes, I know you are surprised to see a new weekly update after I told you there wouldn't be any while I am gone. But I have a lot of free time until Saturday, which is when I go to Mumbai (Bombay) and the rarely active part of the trip begins.

New Home Page Sections

A "Featured Article" and a "Forum Activity" section has been added to the main page. When the forum activity section was added in to the right rail, the right rail was much longer than the left, so I thought, and added a featured page section to the left column. The right column is still longer, so if you have ideas to put on the main page, tell me!

Wikia Notifications

I was browsing on the Dev Wiki for a while for interesting JS scripts, and I found WikiaNotifications. This script allows us to announce messages without highlighting forum threads. You should have seen the first notification announcing the new poll, featured page, and forum activity. The second one was announcing this weekly update. I know this is working because 4 people have voted in the poll, and 1 commented on the featured page.

Forum Fun!

Soon, more games are going to be added to the forum! Once One Letter Change Game #9 is done, the link won't be to #10, it will be to a new game (ideas coming from Alika). So, let's finish #9, and we can start more fun stuff!

Wiki History Project

The Wiki History Project is coming along well. The Founding Period, The Upgrade Period, and The Dedication Period are complete. The Competition Period and The Modern Period are going to come in the near future.


The "Guess That Number" and the "BoredFood" bot have been added to discord. For help on how to use them, type g!help (Guess the Number) and b!help (BoredFood).

That's all for now!