Welcome to the 3rd weekly update! This is an important one, so please read.


As you may know, I will be less active or inactive from June 8-July 10. I will contact admins to do various small jobs, like changing the poll. There will be no weekly updates during my absence.

Base Font

The base font (font on pages) of the wiki has been changed from the standard font to a font called Roboto. Yes, the enemy Roboto loves this font!

Minor Home Page Changes

  • The headings have been removed and replaced with Midnight Blue text.
  • A Weekly Update module has been added to the home page.
  • The Welcome Template was slightly altered.
  • The WAM Template's color was changed to a light blue.

New JS Scripts

  • CategoryRenameAuto-update - Renames categories on every page it is on. If you wanted to change the name of a category on all the pages, you would just use this tool. This tool would have been helpful before and it is very useful! So now, you can kind of use your own account as a bot.

Toolbar Font Update

The tool bar (thing at the bottom with My Tools, Customize, Admin, Shortcuts) font has been changed to Roboto.

New Headers

Fandom has released the release date for the new headers. The new headers are coming on June 12!! You can see the article here for what the headers look like, etc. We will have to see how it impacts the wiki. This will be a major change to the appearance of the wiki, so just letting you know!


Laundry Machine - May 23!!

Home Page Poll

Please vote in the home page poll. Only 3 people have voted since May 19.


I actually published this blog post on Sunday, not Monday. :)