Welcome to the 2nd Weekly Update Blog!

Bot News

Captain Lychee Bot is up and running. This bot, like BotWurst, removes categories. Ask Alika87 or Benny30111 for category removal.

  • BotWurst - The "Leader Bot" on Flipline Fan Customers Wiki. This bot removes categories.
  • Captain Lychee Bot - Our newest bot. This bot assists BotWurst in removing categories.


Aeronaut59 has returned after almost 6 months! Once he starts to edit again, his chat moderator and discussions moderator rights will be restored.

Lucky Edit

Anthony Espindola has made the 47,000th edit on the wiki!


  • Games like Finish the Story and One Letter Change Game have been very successful, so if you have ideas for new games, feel free to start one in the forum.
  • From now until September 1, all forum threads will be very important. Even after September 1, still look at the threads, but now is of top priority.

Flipline News

Papa's Pancakeria HD is out and ready to play. A friendly reminder that there are no real flipline pages allowed here.

2nd Anniversary Add-Ons

On August 30, 2017, we also will be removing all the CSS code for just that day. We will be living "old school" for just one day! No username colors or anything!

That's all for this week!

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