Here is the first weekly update out of many to come. Each Monday, a new weekly update will be released telling users of what happened on the wiki since the last weekly update.

New JS Scripts

  • AjaxRC - Allows the Recent Changes to refresh automatically.
  • BackToTopButton - When at the bottom of a long page, click the Back To Top Button to take you to the top of the page
  • BlankBlogBugFix - When clicking "Enter" after creating the title of the blog, it will not publish it.
  • BlogLink - Adds links to the user's blog and contribution pages in their drop down menu under the profile picture.
  • Sakura Storm - Makes sakura leaves fall on the background of the wiki.
  • SeeMoreActivityButton - Adds a See More Activity Button in the right rail under the Recent Wiki Activity Section


2nd Anniversary

Flipline Fan Customers Wiki will be celebrating its second anniversary on August 30, 2017. If you haven't already, please take a look at this blog post about it.

Goal Reminder!

Remember, we are trying to get 2,000 pages on 6/23/17!

Record Breaking Activity

We have been editing and contributing to the wiki a lot these past few days. Keep up the amazing work!

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