• Hi everyone!

    If you look at the new header, you see our wordmark which says "Flipline Fan Customers Wiki." However, just to the right of the wordmark, there is large white text that says "Flipline Fan Customers Wiki." It is repetitive. 

    I think that the big white text should be altered to something that is not our wiki's name, since it is already stated on the wordmark. The text can be easily altered via Theme Designer.

    So...I NEED IDEAS on WHAT could replace the Flipline Fan Customers Wiki text. It could be a slogan, message, something catchy, or whatever! Just throw ideas out at me. Once I have enough ideas, I will make a blog so you can vote.



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    • I agree. It should not be the wikia name.

      Suggestion: A place to create your fanon customers.

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    • A FANDOM user
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