The Resteraunteers is the first series made by JK55556! The story features 10 customers battling their way through a series of levels and chapters to rescue their friend, Dennis, who was kidnapped by the evil kidnapper Roboto. The kidnapper lives in a secret lair on Mount Bigachu.

Warning: The Chapters Will Make NO SENSE If You Do Not Read Them In Order

Customers in The Resteraunteers! Edit

Chapters: Edit

  • Chapter 1: Looking for Clues: A chapter where the group searches Dennis's house for clues and they make some startling discoveries!
  • Chapter 2: Journey to Bigachu: 4 of the group travel to Mount Bigachu.
  • Chapter 3: Undercover Expedition: Blossom, Patrick, Sasha, and Danny sneak inside Roboto's lair.
  • Chapter 4: Crosswald Fort: Blossom makes a very big discovery that lets them get even closer to their missing friend.

More Coming Soon!

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