The End is the final chapter in the Cook School (series).

Characters Edit

  • Sylvina (main character)
  • V.I.L.E. (main villian)
  • Evie
  • Lacy
  • Poppy
  • Belle
  • Lizzy
  • Leo
  • Savannah
  • Charlotte
  • Kylie
  • Lilly
  • Nelli
  • Emma
  • The Evil Court

Story Edit

After being captured by V.I.L.E., Sylvina and the others are taken the Evil Court. However, the court only talks to Sylvina to punish her for her crimes against V.I.L.E.

The punishment turns out to be whisked away to an island in the middle of nowhere. Evie and Lacy find out that this island was their home when they were young. Lacy meets Belle, her old best friend, who turns out to be the only human there. Lacy and Belle clean everyone else up, but then V.I.L.E. attacks, which was the second part of the punishment.

Since they have no cards left, everyone has to use their hands, feet, and objects to battle V.I.L.E., who has grown huge and stronger. Heroes Poppy, Lizzy, Savannah, and Lilly lost their lives during this battle, which would later be called the Battle of the Island.

The battle goes on for 2 days. During the second day, Belle, Charlotte, Emma, and Evie lost their lives. Nelli, Leo, and Lacy suddenly disappear. It is later revealed that they did this to defeat V.I.L.E., but they lost their lives as well. During the battle, every good guy loses something special to them.

Epilogue Edit

A year later, Sylvina and Kylie are the only humans on the island. They spend some time there and save castaways, but after all the castaways leave and no more show up for 6 months, Sylvina and Kylie decide to leave.

They find an old boat and row away, going to places unknown.

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