The Amazing Space Race is the first episode in Danny's Game Show.

Summary Edit

Danny sends Olympia, Oliver, and Amanda on a race against the clock. They have to find each planet in the city of Baketown (the planets are fake). Meanwhile, Sky, Oggy, and Nelli stay behind in the studio to earn points of their own.

The 3 customers out on the challenge find 6 of the 8 planets in time. They missed Jupiter because the GPS wasn't working, and they missed Uranus because there was traffic on the way to the library. They also have to build a model of the solar system. They get 60 points from the planets, and an extra 15 points from the model, giving them a total of 75 points. Sky, Oggy, and Nelli earn 50 points.

The 5 bonus points go to Oliver because he mentioned Danny's name 3 times.

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