Note: This is based off MendoMan's actual friends.

Suzanne is a female customer who will debut in Papa's Ice Creameria.

Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she gets the greatest gifts.

Bio Edit

Suzanne is a nerd for video games. She is obsessed with games like Call of Duty, Mario, Minecraft, etc. She may seem cool, but actually she is quite annoying. She would go up to people's faces and blast them with video game facts and useless stuff. As a customer, she takes her food very seriously and is a closer. Gotta have a good meal before a good game!

Quotes Edit

"Oh shut up noob!"

"This is just like a video game!"

"Ms. Winn, can I have my Nintendo DS back?"

"Jacob, what's your Roblox username?"

"I got some dankazz memes for ya!"

"Sierra, you scared me!"

"Lets end this!"

"My dream? I've always wanted to be a programmer!"

In Super Flipline Fighters Edit

Suzanne is currently a candidate for SSF. Her confirmation is pending.

Gallery Edit


Costume 2

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