Super Mario Customers is the second platforming game by Yoshi0001. In it, Mario has to save Peach from Wacky, Purp, and other villians with the help of is brother Luigi, his friend Daisy, and Rosetta.



  • World 1: Grassy Hills (Boss: Albe)
  • World 2: Sandy Desert (Boss: Nathaniel)
  • World 3: Icy Winters (Boss: Antonia)
  • World 4: Poison Swamps (Boss: Purp)
  • World 5: Orange Cliffsides (Boss: Wacky)
  • World 6: Clouds in the Air (Boss: Miss Purple)
  • World 7: Lava Castle (Boss: V.I.L.E.)
  • World 8: Roboto's Lair (Boss: Roboto)


World 1

  • 1-1: Here We Go, Mario!
  • 1-2: Underground Cave
  • 1-3: Grassy Mountain
  • 1-4: Luigi Comes In!
  • 1-5: Green Carnival
  • 1-Castle: Albe's Land Showdown

World 2

  • 2-1: Desert Hills and Sandy Pits
  • 2-2: Yellow Jewels
  • 2-3: Blue Shadows
  • 2-4: Black Skies
  • 2-5: Doubles, Triples, and More!
  • 2-Castle: Nathaniel's Tank Squad

More info coming soon!

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