Summer Luau is a holiday in the papa louie time-management games.

Customers who like this holiday

Ingredients unlocked during this holiday

Papa's Cheeseria 2

  • Pineapple (unlocked at Rank 51 with Leonard)
  • Hawaiian Roll (unlocked on Day 2 of Summer Luau)
  • Mango Cream Cheese (unlocked at Rank 52 with Matthew)
  • Calypso Sauce (unlocked on the day after reaching Rank 37)

Papa's Cookieria

  • Seashell Sprinkles (Rank 28 with Savannah)
  • Teal Frosting (Day 2 of Summer Luau)
  • Sunshine Batter (Rank 29 with Caden)
  • Tropical Charms (Day after reaching Rank 29)

Papa's Cakeria

Papa's Cakeria (Meandcrazy)

  • Unknown (Unlocked with Santa at unknown rank)

Papa's Donuteria 2

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