Ruby is a female character who made her first appearance as a closer in Papa's Cheeseria 2.


Papa's Cheeseria 2: (All holidays)

  • White Bread (expect in 5 holidays)
  • Swiss Cheese (expect Closer Day)
  • Bacon (nothing in Christmas and Chilifest)
  • Lobster
  • Wild Onion Sauce
  • (Random toppings in other holidays)


  • Random Fries (Fries change)
  • Random Fry Toppings (Fry toppings change)

Papa's Magicalria

  • Girl Pellet
  • Flower Style Bottl
  • Black Sword Solvent 
  • Ribbon Rose Headbands Powder
  • Female Curls Style
  • Double P color 
  • Sakura Flower Sprinkle

Holiday (New Year):

  • Girl Pellet
  • Flower Style Bottl
  • Black Sword Solvent 
  • Streamers Powder
  • Female Curls Style
  • Primary Colors
  • Colorful Wristband

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