Sequel to Papa Louie X: Revenge Of The Main Bosses from Papa Louie Fan Contests & Games Wiki before the leader of Munchmore Warpster has been defeated but there are a lot of many more leaders of Munchmore!

The leader of Munchmore as the main antagonist: Zufflic Bolsar (forms of Tutti Frutti).

Fighting Boss Battles Edit

All bosses have 6 lives than in Papa Louie X then. on their last life turns red to be angry and will make impossible attacks!

Toast The Tosta

1st round: he arrives at the 1st butter field while his item form transform into an robot form, he activate a Toast Muskon on his sweet piano and Toast The Tosta jump out to harm your player. if you attack that Toast Muskon and harm the boss, you and Toast The Tosta. will succeed to the 2nd butter field.

2nd round: (soon)

Bosses Edit

Main Bosses

Sandwiched-Sorcerer (Papa's Sandwicheria)

more soon.

Sandwicheria Bosses

Toast The Tosta/Cinco Toastward (Level 2-3): Butter Skies

Pumper & Nickel/Candy Jacker (Level 2-5): Pumpernickel Prison

The Breakfast Ox/Acie-Meyzo (Level 2-7): Acie's Museum

Milk Man (Level 2-8): Milk Man's Base

Navet Crusher (Level 2-10): The Vegetable Of Horror

Mr. Carrot/Carroy (Level 2-11): Mr. Carrot's Drill

(Edit more when all bosses and their ingredient forms clear).

Sandwiched-Sorcerer (N/A): Sandwich Rage

Slider Scouts Bosses

Great Slider Shrine (Level House-1): Slider's Home

Worlds and Levels Edit

World 1: the new Flipverse siege fight against munchmore

Level 1: Butter Hills

Level 2: Butter Mountain

Level 3: Butter Skies + Boss

(more worlds soon)

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