Papa Lucci: When Theater Attack! is the fifth game that was created by Lorenz Aliah. It will be released on May 10, 2016. [1]


  • April 8, 2016: Papa Lucci: When Theater Attack is announced! [2]
  • April 13, 2016: Who is this customer? (Not a new one) [3]
  • April 14, 2016: New Baddy, Purple Mist! [4]
  • April 24, 2016: The Screenshots! [5]
  • April 27, 2016: Upcoming Customer, Myla [6]
  • May 7, 2016: Launched Date! [7]
  • May 10, 2016: The game was released! [8]


Customer Skill Weapon
Already44 None Flag (Melee)
Pinky None Guitar (Melee)
BBQ Fan! None BBQ Shot (Shot)
Prudence and Pickle None Ribbons (Thrown)
Lucas None Fish (Thrown)
Samantha None Frosted Wreaths (Thrown)
Carol Crawling Stars (Thrown)
Yuan Crawling Chocolate Shot (Shot)
Xavier Crawling Santa's Hat (Melee)
Andrei Dash Bunny Ears (Thrown)
Kassie Dash Mario Bits Shot (Shot)
Xazzmine Dash X Wand (Shot)
Luis Dash Yellow Stick (Shot)
Yoshi Swim Boost Teal Dress (Melee)
Lorenz Swim Boost Electric Mint (Shot)
Myla Swim Boost Green Roman Candle (Shot)
Barber Q. Swim Boost Cap (Thrown)
CoolProDude Double Jump Rainbow Flag (Melee)
JK55556 Double Jump Sombreros (Thrown)
Mishee Double Jump Flipdeck Cards (Thrown)
Oliver Double Jump Flipdeck Cards (Thrown)
Aeronaut59 Gliding Sandwiches (Thrown)
Matty Gliding Jump Rope (Whip)
Vincent Gliding Blueberry Shot (Shot)
Benny Wall Climbing Hot Shot (Shot)
Miss Purple Wall Climbing Purple Shoes (Thrown)
DJ Jose Wall Climbing Dance Steps (Melee)
Papa Lucci Wall Climbing Pizza Paddle/Umbrella (Melee)




Level 1 - TealetherEdit

  1. Rescue Pinky
  2. Rescue BBQ Fan!
  3. Rescue Andrei (needs Swim Boost)
  4. Find 100 Coin Ticket
  5. Defeat 3 Boet Koeter (needs Gliding)

Level 2 - Dora's AdventureEdit

  1. Rescue Yoshi
  2. Rescue Vincent (needs Swim Boost)
  3. Rescue Aeronaut59 (Needs Dash)
  4. Find 100 Coin Tickets
  5. Defeat 11 Boet Koeter (needs Double Jump)
  6. Find 5 Chocolate Award Trophy (needs Gliding)

Level 3 - User ProEdit

  1. Rescue JK55556
  2. Rescue Lorenz (needs Crawling)
  3. Rescue CoolProDude (needs Swim Boost)
  4. Find 5 Chocolate Bars
  5. Find 100 Coin Tickets (needs Double Jump)
  6. Defeat 6 Boet Koeter (needs Gliding)

Level 4 - Choco Chump RiverEdit

  1. Rescue Carol
  2. Rescue Prudence and Pickle (needs Swim Boost)
  3. Rescue Yuan (needs Crawling)
  4. Find 5 Mickey Mouse Doll
  5. Defeat 7 Boet Koeter (needs Gliding)
  6. Find 100 Coin Tickets (needs Wall Climbing)

Level 5 - Chips Ahoy CityEdit

  1. Rescue Benny
  2. Rescue Lucas (needs Wall Climbing)
  3. Rescue Miss Purple (needs Dash)
  4. Find 100 Coin Ticket
  5. Find 5 Cinnamon Popcorn Bit (needs Swim Boost)
  6. Defeat Bot Koeter (needs Wall Climbing)

Level 6 - Theater CavernEdit

  1. Rescue Papa Lucci
  2. Rescue Matty (needs Dash)
  3. Rescue Kassie (needs Double Jump)
  4. Find 5 Theater Cavern Locals (needs Gliding)
  5. Defeat 12 Boet Koeter (needs Gliding)
  6. Find 100 Coin Ticket (needs Crawling)

Level 7 - Hyper Green CityEdit

  1. Rescue Myla
  2. Rescue Xavier (needs Dash)
  3. Rescue Luis (needs Crawling)
  4. Defeat 15 Boet Koeter (needs Dash)
  5. Find 5 Raddish Coins (needs Double Jump)
  6. Find 100 Coin Ticket (needs Crawling)

Level 8 - BBQ BogEdit

  1. Rescue Barber Q.
  2. Rescue Samantha (needs Swim Boost)
  3. Rescue DJ Jose (needs Gliding)
  4. Find 5 Gummy Worms
  5. Find 100 Coin Ticket (needs Wall Climbing)
  6. Defeat 10 Boet Koeter (needs Swim Boost)

Level 9 - Dora's GrillEdit

  1. Rescue Mishee
  2. Rescue Oliver

Level X - The X ZoneEdit

You can't collect warp key here. But you can rescue Xazzmine.


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