Papa's Theateria

Papa's Theateria is the first game that was created by Lorenz Aliah. In it, the workers are Mishee, Oliver and The Custom Worker. This is located in Sugarplex Theater. The game is released and playable! (March 31, 2016 [Thursday]).[1]


Mishee/Oliver/Custom Worker is driving and going to Baketown. They trap and go to Papa Lucci. Papa Lucci says "Hello where are you going" I'm going to the Sugarplex Theater to watch movie. Then Papa Lucci says that Theater is close because their is no workers. The worker are resign. Mishee/Oliver/Custom Worker is irritable. Papa Lucci says "You will work on Papa's Theateria to watch theater. He/She are bored!


  • Dining Room
  • Closers
  • Custom Worker
  • Holiday
  • Holiday Ingredients
  • Badges

Not FeaturedEdit

  • Specials
  • Stickers



  • Purp (Day 2) {Costume Like a Pumpkin during Halloween}
  • Ruby (Day 3) {Costume Like a Diamond furing Halloween}
  • Poppy (Day 4) {Costume like a Princess during Halloween)
  • Antonia (Day 5) {Costume Like a Teacher during Halloween}
  • Issac (Day 6) {Costume Like a Prince during Halloween}
  • JK55556 (Day 7) {Costume Like a Gondolier during Halloween}
  • Ginger - The Food Critic (Day 8) {Costume like a superhero during halloween}


Ingredients and MoviesEdit




Drink CupsEdit

Popcorn HoldersEdit

Other SnacksEdit

Holiday IngredientsEdit


Cherry Blossom FestivalEdit

Summer LuauEdit

Starlight JubileeEdit

Comet ConEdit

Grōōvstock Edit




New YearEdit

Dance Studios FestivalEdit

St. Paddy's DayEdit



  • Better than Papa: Served all of the customers! - (+2 Tickets)
  • Lorenz Customers: Served all of the Fanon Customers by Lorenz Aliah! - (+$100)
  • User Pro: Served Yoshi and JK55556 - (+1 Ticket)
  • The Teal: Served Yoshi while wearing teal shirt, teal pants and teal shoes - (+$50)
  • Founder of the Theater: Served JK55556 while wearing the Chili Shirt - (+$50)
  • Bunny Andrei: Served Andrei while wearing Bunny Ears and Easter shirt - (+$50)
  • Summer Caden: Served Caden while wearing the Straw Hat - (+$50)


  • Explore!: Served 30 orders with Dora The Explorer! - (+$50 & 1 Ticket)
  • Camp Carmer: Served 30 orders with Camp Comedy - (+$50 & 1 Ticket)
  • Mick Mick: Served 30 orders with Mickey Mouse - (+$50 & 1 Ticket)
  • Lovecupider: Served 30 orders with Love Cupids - (+$50 & 1 Ticket)
  • Robin Hooder: Served 30 orders with Robin Hood - (+$50 & 1 Ticket)
  • Princess Pro: Served 30 orders with Princess Antonia - (+$50 & 1 Ticket)
  • Farm Now!: Served 30 orders with The Farmer - (+$50 & 2 Tickets)
  • Diamond Pro: Served 30 orders with The Diamonds - (+$50 & 2 Tickets)

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