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Papa's Sushiria Deluxe is a game by Fanofkinopio where you cook, top and slice the best sushi in Sugar! The chefs are Klein and Li.

What has been done

  • Customer pages done
  • Standard ingredients done
  • Holiday ingredients done
  • Stickers done


Time Customers



Sushi Wraps

Sushi Rices

Sushi Vinegar

Sushi Fillings

Sushi Toppings



Sushi Slices

  • No slices
  • 2 slices
  • 4 slices
  • 6 slices
  • 8 slices
  • 9 slices


  • Order Station
  • Cook Station
  • Build Station
  • Cut Station


Holiday Ingredients

New Year

Valentine's Day

St. Paddy's Day


Cinco de Mayo

Summer Luau

Starlight Jubilee

Lucky Fest

September Fest





  • Strike Out!
  • Wasabi Shot
  • Hallway Hunt
  • Mex's Mess
  • Daily Recall
  • Papa's Raceway
  • Ginger's Burger Slots


Sticker Number Name Achievement Sticker Image
1 Summer's Here! Reach Norðri
Hot Dog Sticker
2 Autumn Harvest Reach Austri
Reach Autumn
3 Winter Frost Reach Suðri
Reach winter
4 Spring Has Sprung Reach Vestri
Spring has Sprung
5 Happy New Year Unlock all New Year Toppings
Happy new year
6 Pledge your Love Unlock all Valentine's Day Toppings
Pledge ur love
7 Lucky Green Unlock all St. Paddy's Day Toppings
Go green
8 Easter Basket Unlock all Easter Toppings
Easter Egg
9 Cinco Celebration Unlock all Cinco De Mayo Toppings
Cinco de mayo
10 Summer Fun Unlock all Summer Luau Toppings
Summer Fun
11 Starlight Fan Unlock all Starlight Jubilee Toppings
Starlight Jubilee
12 Lucky Lover Unlock all Lucky Fest Toppings
Lucky Fest
13 Spring into September Unlock all September Fest Toppings
September fest
14 Spooky Unlock all Halloween Toppings
15 Say Thanks Unlock all Thanksgiving Toppings
16 Holiday Sushi Unlock all Christmas Toppings
17 Impatient Serve the first customer last
18 Already Ready Have Kumi's order ready when she arrives and serve immediately
Powder Point Woolies
19 Unspoiled Have Julia's order ready when she arrives and serve immediately
20 Beginning for Bronze Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards
Pizza Slice
21 Bronze Master Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards
Luau LePunch-0
22 Silver Glory Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards
Grilled cheese Sandwich
23 Regular Comers Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards
Warp Key
24 Order Expert Get a 100% Order Score on 20 orders
25 Cook Expert Get a 100% Cook Score on 20 orders
26 Build Expert Get a 100% Build Score for 20 orders
27 Cut Expert Get a 100% Cut Score for 20 orders
Dill wheel
28 Perfecto! Get a Perfect Score on 30 orders
29 Best Restaurant Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Ginger the Food Critic
Blue Ribbon
30 Hard Work Get paid four times
31 Saving up Don't spend any money in the shop for 7 Days
Disco Plum
32 Shopping Spree Buy any 50 items from the shop
Party Subs
33 Posters Galore Buy any 8 Posters from the shop
Burgerburgh Sizzlers
34 Interior Designer Buy any 8 Furniture items from the shop
35 New Clothes Buy any 8 Clothing items from the shop
Brown Onion
36 Paint Master By any 4 Wallpaper/Flooring from the shop
Jill Berry
37 Fully upgraded Restaurant Buy all the upgrades in the shop
Wildberry derps
38 New Threads Change your worker's shirt, pants, shoes and jacket
39 The Gang's all Here! Serve all the customers!
Papa Louie
40 Close with a scare Serve all the costumed closers during Halloween
Radley madish
41 First Win Win one minigame
Tastyville Tomatoes
42 Game Show Contestant Earn a prize in each minigame
Game Ticket
43 Grand Winner Earn 5 prizes in each minigame
44 Rare Reward Earn a Bronze Rare Award
45 Rarer Reward Earn a Silver Rare Award
46 Rarest Award Earn a Gold Rare Award
Slice of Pie
47 Rice Race Unlock all of the standard rices
48 Wrap Expert Unlock all of the standard sushi wraps
Flipline tsudios
49 Fill 'Em Up Unlock all of the standard sushi fillings
Papa's Moustache
50 Top Topper Unlock all of the standard sushi toppings
Army Onion
51 Sauce Selection Unlock all of the standard sushi sauces
Chip McMint
52 Shake the Sushi Unlock all of the standard sushi shakers
Maple Mountain Flapjacks
53 Sriracha Laci Add Sriracha Sauce on Laci's order
54 Koshihikari Kassie Use Koshihikari Rice on Kassie's order
55 Tempura Tess Add Tempura Crunch and Shrimp Tempura on Tess' order
Dill Worm
56 Hibachi Harley Add Hibachi Sauce on Harley's order
Cheesecake Wheel
57 Sour Add two extra portions of vinegar on anyone's rice
Blue Barry
58 Assorted Sushi Place every available sushi filling/topping/sauce/shaker on one's sushi
59 Bella Black Use Black Rice on Bella's Order
Mallow Men
60 Purple Add Eggplant on Violet's order (Matty)
Rocky Road
61 Miso and Shiso Use Miso and Shiso on anyone's order
62 Unagi Shelly Add Unagi on Shelly's order
Pina Coolada
63 The Greenest Order Use Nori, Shiso Rice, Avocado, Wasabi and Furikake on Dennis' order
2 Spatulas
64 Spicy Use Wasabi and Sriracha on one's sushi
Tacodale Hardshells
65 Ida Saba Add Saba on Ida's order
Burger Slider
66 Koshihikayla Use Koshihikari Rice on Kayla's sushi
S.S Louie
67 Sayorlivia Add Sayori on Olivia's order
Nutty Butter
68 Orange order Use orenji soy paper, carrot sticks, prawn and duck sauce on one's order
Banana Pants
69 Tsonill Add Tso Sauce on Onill's order
70 Talita Trout Add trout on Talita's order
Cordial Bomb
71 Hailey Halibut Add halibut on Hailey's order
Blondie Bop
72 Sushi Combo In the same day, make 10 different sushi rice/wrap combinations
Lettuce Lark
73 Mixed up sushi On the same day, make the sushi for the closer only to serve to all customers
Buffalo Wing
74 Fliptacular Flip the same sushi roll 100 times
Portallini Gondoliers
75 Holiday Spirit Serve 100 customers with clothing that matches the current holiday
Starlight City Buffaloes
76 Spooky Server Serve 20 customers with any Halloween Clothing during Halloween
77 Help him out Serve 20 customers during Christmas while wearing the santa hat and fur parka
Whiskview Black Birds
78 Dressed for the holiday Wear a shirt, belt, hat, jacket and belt to match the holiday
79 Colour Coordinated Dress your chef and server in the same outfit but different colours
Frostfield Batters
80 Christmas in July Use only Christmas decorations (3 or more items) during July
81 Bubble Bonanza Have 10 different kinds of bubble gum in the lobby at once
Oniontown crushrs
82 Dance Dance Dance! Use lots of musical furniture so that three or more customers are dancing in the lobby
83 Table Hoarder Fill your lobby with 12 large tables
84 Loose Change Grab 250 Coins while playing Papa's Raceway
85 Cookie Clicker Strike out in Mex's Mess by clicking three different cookies
86 Coupon Sender Send 10 Customer Coupons to your customers
87 Overcooked Completely burn 30 orders of sushi rice
Blue shroom
88 Wasted Throw away 5 fully-sliced sushi in the same day
Calypso island coconuts
89 All mixed up While dining in, fill the customer's sushi with their friends favourite fillings instead
Sakura bay Samurais
90 Same Slices While dining in, slice the sushi into the amount of slices their friend wants instead
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