Mallory is a female customer who made her first appearance in Papa's Cheeseria 2. She is the female chef in Papa's Cakeria.

Flipdeck info

Mallory is an adventurous girl. She likes to go to Papa's Cheeseria 2 located 2 hours away from Mallory's home in Rockville. She is not married, but she is dating a boy named Rob D. Her neighbour is Jordan.

Papa Lucci 4: When Hot Dogs Attack!

Mallory can be rescued in Level 6: Burple Purple Lake Base. She has the Dash skill and needs no skill to be rescued.

Survivor: Madamadamadamada

She is a contestant on Meandcrazy's gameshow's first season, Survivor: Madamadamadamada. She was placed on the Alapapa tribe.



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Papa's Cheeseria 2

  • Roll
  • Rainbow Cheese (American Cheese in other holidays)
  • Bacon
  • Lobster
  • Midnight Ham (Bacon in other holidays)
  • Rainbow Sauce (Wasabi Sauce in other holidays)
  • Well-Done
  • Fries:
    • Waffle Fries
    • Fry Seasoning
    • Poutine

Papa's Magicalria

  • Girl Pellet
  • Skinner Bottle
  • Tomato Solvent
  • Coin Powder
  • Normal PonyTail
  • Brown Color
  • Sakura Flower Sprinkle

Holiday (Fashion ShowTime!)

  • Girl Pellet
  • Skinner Bottle
  • Kirakira Gold Star Solvent
  • Coin Powder
  • Twine Side Ponytail 
  • Brown Color
  • Rosette Gloves

Items unlocked with her:

(Customers made by Meandcrazy)
Papa's Cheeseria 2 Debuts Jill Mallory Matthew Zack
Papa Lucci 4: When Hot Dogs Attack! Debuts Brittany Tony
Papa's Fry Mia! Debuts Drew Elizabeth
Unknown Debuts Gary Marie