Chapter 1: Looking for Clues Edit

All the customers have heard about Dennis being kidnapped by Roboto. But only 10 are brave enough to venture out and find him. Monica, Alicia, Blossom, Jeremy, Sasha, Issac, Flora, Lucas, Patrick, and Danny (Brother of Dennis) are the brave ones.

First they go to Dennis's house. The house has been vandalized!! "OH NO!!", Blossom screams. "But the good thing is that we can look for clues", Lucas responds. "Yay!" exclaims Sasha.

The characters start looking for clues. Danny discovers a map of the fanon world in the living room! "What's this?" he asks. "It's a type of map. Oh, look I see Baketown. It must be a map of the fanon world!" Monica yells. "He wrote "Bigachu" on the back...odd! I wonder...One minute...Wait a minute?!...YES! I have it!" Patrick smartly exclaims. "Do you guys remember on the news a few months ago about how Mount Bigachu blew up? Remember how scientists found a lot of debris like metal and concrete?!" "Oh yeah!" Jeremy says. "But what does that have to do with a case of kidnapping?" Flora replies "Remember how they had reported a case of kidnapping and helicopters traced the kidnapper to the mountain range? I bet our villain is somewhere around there, and his lair is inside Mount Bigachu!!!!!!!!" Everyone shudders. "Don't jump to conclusions now. We'll come back to this map later..." Monica says.

The group continues looking for clues. "Our villain must have been looking for something!" Why else would the house be messed up?" Lucas thinks.

Later at Alicia's house...

(News Broadcaster): "Some serious kidnappings have occurred in the past week. First, Dennis, a resident of Pizzaplace, disappeared. Now, a cat named Fluffy disappeared. Apparently the owner was out shopping when she was notified that her house was vandalized. The villain was gray and red, and exited the house with a box. A witness heard faint squeals from inside the box. Our villain took Fluffy!!!"

"Oh No!" everyone cries. "Who could the villain be?" Flora asked nervously." Is it a human, a monster, what is it?!?!" "Well, we have found enough clues for now", Danny says. "We know that our villain is in the Bigachu Mountain Range. Our next step is to go there undercover and find something."

End of Chapter 1!

Look out for Chapter 2: Journey to Bigachu

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