Lizzy is a female customer created by Yoshi0001 .

Other Outfits Edit

Items unlocked with her Edit

Orders Edit

Papa's Cookieria Edit

Papa's Theateria Edit

Papa's Magicalria Edit

  • Girl Pellet
  • Bow Medium Bottle
  • Lipstick Solvent
  • Sour Gum Powder
  • Normal Bun Hair
  • Gold Color
  • Gold Ring Sprinkle

Holiday (Fashion ShowTime!):

  • Girl Pellet
  • Round Fat Bottle
  • Kirakira Gold Star Solvent
  • Sour Gum Powder
  • Normal Bun Hair
  • Gold Color
  • Gold Ring Sprinkle

Order TicketsEdit

Cook School Series Edit

"Anything is possible."

-Lizzy, Dissapear

Lizzy is one of the 11 main characters in the Cook School series. When Belle was cleaning her up on the island, she called Lizzy "a pretty one."


Lizzy when on the island.


Lizzy in the Cook School series.

(Customers created by Yoshi0001)
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