Jacob is a male customer that appeared in Papa's Ice Creameria.

Items unlocked with him:


Jacob is a huge hockey addict. He has been playing since he was 4, and never stopped since. He wants to play for his favorite team, "The Sakura Bay Ninja's." If you're wondering about the gap in his teeth, it was not a hockey puck. He hit a wall.

In Super Flipline Fighters

Jacob was confirmed to be a fighter for SFF on January 15, 2017. He is the first and currently only fighter confirmed.


Jacob is a mid-weight with several attributes. He is is extremely fast on the ground and his aerials are good for combos. His specials are not the best, but are pretty good for a first fighter.


Jacob has very little KO power and can fall off if he fails his combos. And the fact that he relies on them so much just make his specials useless if you are against a good player.


Neutral Attack- Punches twice, then punches using both of his fists. Deals 2, 4, and 5 damage respectively.

Forward tilt- Swings arm forward dealing 7% damage.

Up tilt- Swings leg above him dealing 8% damage.

Down tilt- Does a legsweep dealing 4% damage

Dash attack- Skids on stage like on ice dealing 11% damage.

Forward smash- Swings a hockey stick dealing 17-21% damage if sourspotted. If sweetspotted, deals 20-29% damage. Has medium knockback.

Up smash- Short jumps and spins head hitting 5 times, dealing a total of 16-20% damage.

Down smash- Does a large legsweep around him dealing 15-19% damage. Knocks opponents upward.

Neutral air- Does an air cartwheel hitting 4 times dealing 3% each hit. Has combo potential.

Forward Air- Does a small kick dealing 8% damage.

Back air- Swing hockey stick backwards dealing 10% damage.

Up air- Does a corkscrew spinning kick hitting 5 times. Deals 3% damage each hit.

Down air- Does a heavy arc kick dealing 12% damage. It is a spike.