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Fandom Customers Tournament 2018

The Fandom Customers Tournament 2018 is on schedule. The tournament is going to start in ! As we get closer to the starting date, you will hear more!

Finalized Stuff:

  • Division Names have been finalized. The division names are: Dr. Cherry Division, Purple Burple Division, Fizzo Division, Root Beer Division, Lemon Mist Division, Diet Fizzo Division, Cotton Puffs Division, and the Hyper Green Division
  • Dates have been finalized! The tournament will start on April 30 and go until August 14.
  • The 21 Representatives from Flipline Fandom have been finalized!
  • The 22 Representatives from Flipline Fan Customers Wiki have been finalized!
  • The 21 Representatives from Papa Louie Fanon Wiki have been finalized!
  • The bracket has been finalized!


  • LuisAngel01 is preparing the images!

Coming soon:

  • Tournament - Beginning April 30, 2018!

Featured Page

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Unlocking sour cream

Sour Cream is a holiday exclusive dip that customers can order during Christmas in Papa's Nachoria.

  • Unlocked With - N/A
  • Unlocked On - Day 2 of Christmas

Visit the page!

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Wiki Changes

Major changes that have been made to the wiki will be listed below!

  • The Snowstorm.js script is no longer allowed to be used site-wide, so it was removed on January 28, 2018. Feel free to install it for your personal use, though!
  • Learn about the 30 Day Challenge, starting on March 1st!
  • The featured poll and page from February 10 - February 23 has been released!

Featured Poll

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Which Taco Mia To Go! Chips sound the tastiest?

The poll was created at 15:37 on February 10, 2018, and so far 8 people voted.

Forum Activity

Forum Activity

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