Fashion ShowTime! is a holiday in Papa's Magicalria, Papa's Burritoria, and Papa's Brownie Mia!.

Customers who favor this holidayEdit

Ingredients Edit

Papa's Magicalria Edit

  • Royal Powder (Unlocked with Amanda on Rank 36)
  • Twine Side Ponytail (Day 2 of Fashion ShowTime!)
  • Rosette Gloves (Unlocked with Flora on Rank 37)
  • Bow Medium Bottle (Day 4 of Fashion ShowTime!)
  • Kirakira Gold Star Solvent (Unlocked with Isabelle on Rank 38)
  • Purple Gold Color (Day 6 of Fashion ShowTime!)

Trivia Edit

  • The Icon letter of this is letter Fashion
  • In Magicalria, no male customers favor this holiday.
  • In Magicalria and Brownie Mia!; it's celebrated in September, but in Burritoria it is celebrated in June.

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