Envelope 1 is the first envelope in Yoshi's Awesome Race.

Story Edit

Yoshi: Players must now go to Go! Airlines and board a plane for Baketown, where they will find the next clue. I've given everyone 550 coins to start out with.

Team Ice Star

Rosetta: Taxi!

Isla: Here comes one now.

Taxi Driver: Where to?

Isla: Go! Airlines please.

Team Admin

JK: Look, here's a taxi!

Driver: Hope in! Where do you want to go?

Kassie: Go! Airlines. And we have to hurry.

Team Spy

Ursula: We can get there quicker by running and using our awesome skills.

Emma: OK! Let's go!

Team Mario

Luigi: Mario, we missed the taxi.

Mario: Where is Pasta Land?

Luigi: Look, a bus! Come on, Mario!

Mario: Okey-dokey!

Team Princess

Peach: We have to find a taxi.

Daisy: I don't see any...

Team Cousin

Lizzy: Come on, the bus is here, Savannah!

Savannah: Then get on!

Lizzy: OK, OK! I'm getting on!

Savannah: Good!

Team Summer

Yasmin: Excuse me, Taxi Driver!

Driver: Yes?

Yasmin: Could you take me and my friend to Go! Airlines, please?

Driver: I already have passengers.

Rosetta: Hi, Yasmin! Hi, Caden!

Yasmin: We know these people.

Driver: Then hop in!

Team Sis

Pinky: Come on, Diamond! We have to find a taxi!

Diamond: OK, hold on! I have to use the bathroom really bad!

Pinky: "sigh"

Team Starlight

Aiden: Get on the taxi, Mason!

Driver: Hurry up!

Mason: I'm getting on!

Driver: Don't ruin my taxi with your dirty shoes, kid!

Team Pretty

Lacy: Excuse me, Taxi Driver? Could me and my sister please have a ride to Go! Airlines?

Driver: Wow, you're pretty! Hop in!

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