Danny's Game Show is a game show created by Yoshi and hosted by Danny. Danny also is a star in The Resteraunteers!

Customers in the show Edit

Episodes Edit

  • The Amazing Space Race
  • Quest in The Haunted Castle
  • CSI Danny
  • Customer of the Rings
  • The People vs Dennis
  • Pole Fence
  • Stolen Mystery
  • Golf Club Hero
  • Superhero Customer
  • How to Really Train Anything
  • The Helmet of Victory
  • Lost on the Island
  • Unfair TV
  • Outside Rounds
  • Trading and Mysteries
  • Doglandia and Catlandis
  • Space Camp
  • Swimming Like Belugas
  • Long John Silver
  • Finale

Point totals before Finale Edit

  • 1. Olympia-
  • 2. Oliver-
  • 3. Amanda-
  • 4. Sky-
  • 5. Oggy-
  • 6. Nelli-

Results after Finale Edit

  • Grand Champion: Olympia
  • 2nd Place: Sky
  • 3rd Place: Oliver
  • 4th Place: Amanda
  • 5th Place: Oggy
  • 6th Place: Nelli

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