Daisy is a female customer created by Yoshi0001. She makes her first appearance in Papa Louie 5: When Cupcakes Attack! She has no skill in this game. She is also a character in The Daisy Stories.

Items unlocked with her Edit

Orders Edit

Papa's Souperia: Star Plate, Pink Bowl, Cherry Blossom Soup (Tomato on other holidays) with Cherry Blossoms ( No plate toppings on other holidays)

Soup Decorations: 2 Chopped Cilantro

Papa's Floweria: 7 White Daisies with Yellow Wrapping/Candy Corn Wrapping in Thanksgiving

Yoshi's Awesome Race Edit

She appears in Yoshi's Awesome Race as part of Team Princess with Peach.

Poke Customers Edit

WARNING: This part of the article may contain spoilers.

Daisy appears in Poke Customers as one of the four main characters and heroes. She gets her first Pokemon in First Gym Battle!, when, at the Poke Center, had a choice between Eevee, Cyndaquil, and Pansage. In the next episode, On the Ice!, she chooses Eevee, and also meets David, Bella, Golden, and their Pokemon at the Baketown Nurse. The following episode, New Friends at the Saladeria!, the four heroes go to Papa's Saladeria, where Daisy officially joins their team.

Daisy keeps going on adventures with the heroes, but started to become more important in A Summer at Poke Camp!, where she meets Ana, Bobby, and Burn. She and Ana become fast friends and Daisy discovers that Ana is a performer, which inspires Daisy to want to become a performer. Shortly after Daisy is inspired, she meets a Fennekin who loves to dance and perform, and Daisy successfully catches it.

In A Messed Performance, Daisy performs in her first performance. However, while performing, Eevee trips and falls on top of Fennekin, destroying her outfit and Fennekin's, which causes Daisy to get the least amount of votes. At the end of the episode, she is shown sitting on the top of a hill with Eevee and Fennekin. Then, she pulls out a pair of scissors and chops her hair and changes her outfit.

A few days before Daisy's second performance (Battling with Power and Happiness!), she is practicing her performance moves with Eevee and Fennekin, but Eevee gets hurt, which causes Daisy to get mad at Eevee for not looking, and Fennekin for accidentally hurting Eevee. Needing some time alone, Daisy takes a walk alone and meets Sunni, who, unknown to Daisy, is actually her idol, the great performer Summer. The two eat lunch together and Daisy goes back to the heroes with Summer and apologizes to her Pokemon. Summer suggests they have a battle, and brings out her Pokemon, Emolga and Vespiquen. However, Eevee almost gets hurt again, but Fennekin defends her and Daisy gives Eevee a big smile. However, after that, Eevee turns bright blue and Daisy is worried, but it turns out that Eevee evolved into Leafeon. After that, the battle ends.

Daisy wins her first performance with Leafeon and Fennekin shortly after. In A Surprising Discovery!, Daisy finds a Espurr who is a great dancer and catches it. Shortly after, Daisy, Leafeon, Fennekin, and Espurr win Daisy's second performance together.

More info coming soon!

Trivia Edit

  • She is based off of Princess Daisy from the Mario series, who her creator, Yoshi0001, is a HUGE fan of!


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