Cook School: The Return is the sequel to Cook School (series). In it, Sylvina and Kylee row to a nearby island and find out that their friends are still alive, but V.I.L.E. is also alive and takes the form of a customer named Vernon, who captures Lacy.

Characters Edit

Chapters Edit

  1. Reunited
  2. Captured
  3. First Attempt
  4. Possessed
  5. New Enemy
  6. The Trials of Evil: Part 1
  7. The Trials of Evil: Part 2
  8. The Trials of Evil: Part 3
  9. Finding Darkla
  10. Final Battle
  11. Banished...or not?

Plot Edit

Sylvina and Kylee have been rowing for a week when they see an island. They find their friends, but V.I.L.E. rises and turns into a human named Vernon, who kidnaps Lacy.

Lacy is taken to V.I.L.E.'s lair, where he turns into a ghost and possesses Lacy, turns her into Darkla. Meanwhile, Sylvina and the others row back to Baketown, and learn about Darkla.

They then are taken by Darkla and put in the Trials of Evil. They are split into 3 groups, and each group must find a way out. Then, the must reunite, battle Darkla, and return Lacy to her normal self. They succeed, but V.I.L.E. disappears.

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