Chris is a male customer who made his first appearance in Papa's Saladeria. He lives in Palm Beach in a small beach cottage overlooking Sunland Lake. He works as a Palmville Express Captain, and will be the male chef in an upcoming gameria.


Papa's Magicalria

  • Boy Pellet
  • Skinner Bottle
  • Black Sword Solvent
  • Sour Gum Powder
  • Hedgehog Style
  • Brown Color
  • Robot Hand

Holiday (Halloween)

  • Boy Pellet
  • Skull Bottle
  • Scare Skull Solvent
  • Night Owl Powder
  • Hedgehog Style
  • Amazing Green Color
  • Robot Hand

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe



Items unlocked with him

Papa Lucci 4: When Hot Dogs Attack!

Chris can be rescued in Level 1: Popcorn Peak. He has no skill and needs no skill to be rescued.

(Customers created by JK55556)
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