Cherry Blossom Festival is a holiday celebrated in multiple gamerias.

Customer who favor Cherry Blossom Festival:

Customers who favor Cherry Blossom Festival in multiple games are listed at the bottom of the list.

  • Albert (Popsicleria)
  • Chloe (Popsicleria)
  • Alli (Popsicleria)
  • Macy (Popsicleria)
  • Issac (Popsicleria)
  • Ava (Cookieria, Sandwicheria)
  • Reyna (Cookieria, Popsicleria)
  • Lilli (Cookieria, Theateria, Sandwicheria, Nachoria)
  • Lucas (Cookieria, Theateria, Sandwicheria, Nachoria)
  • Isabelle (Theateria, Sandwicheria)
  • Blossom (Theateria, Sandwicheria, Nachoria, Popsicleria)
  • Michiko (Falafelia)


Papa's Falafelia

Papa's Theateria

Papa's Cookieria

Papa's Popsicleria

  • Hakuto Syrup (Unlocked with Blossom)
  • Ladyfinger Bits (Unlocked at the 2nd day of the fest)
  • Sweet Teriyaki Drizzle (Unlocked with Isabelle)
  • Matcha Icing (Unlocked with Isabelle)
  • Hakuto Jelly beans (Unlocked with Amanda)

Papa's Nachoria

Papa's Cupcakeria Deluxe