Anita is a female customer who first appeared in Papa's Saladeria.


  • Hometown - Baketown
  • Loves - Paper
  • Hates - Tape Measures
  • Occupation - Train Engineer

Anita is a Flipway Train engineer. She has the important job of making sure her passengers are satisfied with the service and making sure that the customers arrive at their destination safely. Quite often, she can be found at the Port Sky International Airport in Waterland visiting her friends in The Realm.


Normal Look

Anita has parted blonde hair to the sides and back of her head. She wears a pink undershirt and a brown jacket on top. She also wears a blue and purple belt, a blue skirt, and white and yellow shoes. To top it off, she wears black gloves.

Second Look

Anita wears a green shirt, the same skirt and the same shoes. She also wears blue and black arm sleeves on both arms. She also wears glasses.

Halloween Look

Anita wears an orange shirt, black pants, and black shoes with orange laces. She also wears red arm sleeves on both arms. Finally, she also wears a black beret to go with her orange hair.

Squeezeria Look

Anita wears a white and pink undershirt with a dark blue jacket on top. She has blue flowers in her hair. She also wears a light blue skirt and a black belt with a buckle. Finally, she wears gray shoes with white laces.


Items unlocked with her



Sticker Number Name Achievement Picture Sticker
45 Grand Prize Winner Earn 5 or more prizes in each of Tex's Minigames
53 More Cups! Unlock all of the standard cup types
84 Loose Change Grab 250 coins while playing Papa's Raceway
084 - Loose Change

Earn all of the above stickers to unlock this outfit:

Anita Squeezeria


  • She has the same hair style as Cleofe, who is her cousin.


(Customers created by JK55556)
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