Alicia is a female customer who first appeared in Papa's Saladeria.


  • Hometown - Fryland
  • Loves - Ice Cream
  • Hates - Peanut Butter
  • Occupation - Police Officer

Alicia is a police officer at the Fanon World Police Station. She is at the highest rank you can get and she has had a lot of experience, so you can trust Alicia to help you out! You can find her all around the Fanon World driving and exploring different types of ice cream. The Creamery in Palm Beach is her personal favorite!


Normal Look

Alicia is wearing a teal undershirt with a pink top above it. She also wears a white skirt with a red stripe and a green belt to top it off. She also is wearing purple and white shoes with pink laces. If you look on her arms, you can see blue bracelets.

Second Look

Alicia is wearing a pink undershirt with a white top above it. She also is wearing a red with white polka dots skirt. She also is wearing teal shoes with white laces and the same blue bracelets. In addition, she also is wearing a white flower in her hair.

Summer Luau Look

Alicia is wearing a yellow undershirt with a blue jacket above it. She is wearing a white and blue skirt and yellow shoes with white laces. This time, she has a purple bow in her hair.

Squeezeria Look

Alicia is wearing a white and pick dress and white shoes with blue laces. She also wears orange bracelets, and if you look VERY closely, you may be able to see the black pants underneath her dress.


Items unlocked with her

The Resteraunteers!

Alicia is one of the customers who helps rescue Dennis.



Sticker Number Name Achievement Picture Sticker
30 Month's Pay Recieve Your Wages on 4 Pay Days
030 - Month's Pay
78 Outfit Wear all types of clothing that matches one holiday
83 Tables Fill the lobby with 12 large tables
083 - Get the Tables!

Earn all of the above stickers to unlock this outfit:

Alicia Squeezeria


(Customers created by JK55556)
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