Alice is a female customer who first appeared in Papa's Saladeria.


Alice is the owner of Floral Flowers in Sugarpink Mall. Whenever a customer needs flowers for any occasion, they ring up Alice and in the next day, she has the flowers ready for pick up! She can be found admiring flowers at the Green Hall Garden in Buttertown on the weekends and whenever she doesn't have work.


Normal Look

Alice has orange-red hair that extends down to her shoulders. In it, she wears a purple bow. She wears a blue with white polka dot shirt with a short black jacket on top. She also is wearing a red skirt with a green belt. With that, she has green and white shoes with green laces and purple/pink bracelets.

Second Look

Alice is wearing a purple shirt with a white jacket on top. She also is wearing black shorts with a teal stripe down the side along with sky blue shoes with white laces. On her arms, she is wearing pink and blue bracelets. In her hair, she has blue flowers.

New Year Look

Alice is wearing a rainbow tank-top with a red jacket on top. She is wearing a black skirt with a yellow stripe down the side along with pink shoes with white laces. She is wearing the same pink and blue bracelets, but she has a red bow in her hair instead.


Items unlocked with her


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