Abdul is a male customer who first appeared in Papa's Freezeria 3.


  • Hometown - Desertville
  • Loves - Suitcases
  • Hates - Coffee
  • Occupation - Marine Life Researcher

Abdul is a marine life researcher at the Sea Marine Fanon Research in Sealand. It is right of the coast of the Landon Ocean, so it is convenient for them to research. In his spare time, he can be found in the Strike Out Bowling Alley playing bowling.


Normal Look

Abdul has short forward black hair with it cut very short near the back of his head. He wears a red undershirt with a bluish-green shirt around it along with a yellow and blue striped tie. He also wears black pants with a white belt and powder blue shoes with magenta laces. He also wears a pink bracelet on one arm.

Second Look

Abdul is wearing a green shirt with a white jacket and a gold necklace. He is wearing the same black pants with a gray belt and a yellow bracelet. He also is wearing teal shoes with white laces.

Squeezeria Look

Abdul is wearing a white and blue checkered and striped shirt along with the same pants and belts. He is wearing black gloves and teal shoes with black laces.


Items unlocked with him

Papa Lucci 4: When Hot Dogs Attack!

Abdul can be rescued in Level 9: Radley's Grill. He has the Crawling skill and needs no skill to be rescued.



Sticker Number Name Achievement Picture Sticker
11 Patriotic Unlock all of the Starlight Jubilee ingredients
011 - Patriotic
56 Hint of flavor Unlock all of the standard flavorings
056 - Pie Pourables
71 Mango NO! Do not serve mango flavoring for 5 ranks in a row
071 - Cheese Please

Earn all of the above stickers to unlock this outfit:

Abdul Squeezeria


(Customers created by JK55556)
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